Halloween Special: "Severed Finger" Cheese Sticks!

Michele and I just returned from our romantic Sonoma 10th anniversary get-way, but before I left I filmed this very cool (and very gross) "severed fingers" Halloween treat. I got the idea from the blog, Our Best Bites, and decided to tweak it a little bit and add some hot sauce "blood" to the torn appendages.

This would make quite an eye-catching appetizer tray for your upcoming Halloween party -- come on, what kid wouldn't think you were the coolest parent ever, if you made some of these? Be sure to tear the cheese sticks in half as irregularly as possible, as this really gives it that stomach-turning realism.

This video recipe will finally give you hardcore food snobs (you know who you are!) a chance to eat string cheese. You know you've wanted to for so long, but were afraid you would be seen with it at the market and not have a decent excuse -- problem solved. Enjoy!