Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup

Heinz Reduced Sugar KetchupKalyn's Kitchen Picks is a blog feature where I talk about products I love and would recommend to my readers. It's been a long time since I've shared one of my picks, but now that there are no house renovations or vegetable gardens to photograph, I thought I'd start doing one of those posts instead of Friday Night Photos some of the time. In case you've heard about the new FTC guidelines for product recommendations by bloggers, let me start by saying that nearly all of the food products and kitchen items I recommend are things I purchase myself. I very rarely accept products to review, but in the rare event that I did write about a product which was sent to me, I would always mention that I received it as a sample. And I will never (ever!) write about a product unless it is something I'd happily purchase over and over, so if I've added a product to my page of Kalyn's Kitchen Picks, you can be sure this is a product I love!

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