How To Make Four Seasons Soup

1 medium sized chicken, remove the head and claws. cut into 16.
5 pieces of dried mushrooms hioko, scalded to bloom, thin potong2
15 grams of dried mushroom, scalded to bloom, remove it from the cob
1 hump bokjie mushrooms (white mushrooms) dry, scalded to bloom, petik2 of cob
200 grams of fresh mushroom, cut 2
3 pieces of leek white part only, sliced oblique
Geprek 4 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
2 tbsp sesame oil
1 large piece of ginger, geprek
1. boil water, boiled chicken until cooked and tender.
2. waste floating scum of chicken broth TSB.
3. saute garlic and ginger sesame oil together until the yellow and fragrant, pour into broth.
4. Add salt and pepper
5. enter all the mushrooms and cook until mushrooms are cooked.
6. serve hot.