Mow To Make Mie Koclok

Glance mi Koclok
Before discussing more about how to make it, let's discuss a few things related to these noodles, so you are more tasteful and excited to eat it. If you are visiting the city of Cirebon, then you should try the delights of this noodle. I guarantee you will be hooked and want to eat it again the next few days. Mi koclok using a mixture of onion, garlic, also there ubinya. But maybe that makes it different than Yamien noodles and wonton noodles which are found in East Java, mi Koclok uses coconut milk ingredients for the sauce, so you will eat more oily noodles. Although less healthy, because it contains cholesterol, but it does not hurt once in a while you eat these noodles, origin accompanied by sufficient exercise, so that no blood vessel is blocked due to cholesterol oil.


Fresh wet noodle 400 gr
100 g sliced ​​cabbage somewhat widened
Boiled chicken eggs 2 eggs; all of which is split into 2 with elongated shape
Fresh bean sprouts 100 g; Discard the tail
Scallion 50 grams; Thinly sliced
Shredded fried chicken 120 grams
Celery 50 g; Sliced
Orange limo; 4 items
Soy sauce bango 50 milliliters
Fried onions

Material fine spices:
Red onion 3 cloves
3 cloves garlic
3 tablespoons cooking oil
1 tsp dried Ebi
Materials sauce
300 ml coconut milk
500 ml chicken broth
Sago flour 3 tbsp
White pepper powder

How to make noodles Koclok:

After preparing the ingredients, let's get on with it towards how to make this steady noodles.
Heat oil, saute ground spices until fragrant; add chicken broth (But reserving 50 ml chicken stock to thin the sago flour; cook until the broth boil; then reduce heat
Both dilute corn starch using the rest of the chicken broth, then add the broth, do not forget to add salt and pepper and thick coconut milk; stir until evenly, if the broth has thickened then kecilkanlah fire
Heat the water, put noodles, bean sprouts and cabbage in a sieve; dip in boiling water (+ - 1 minute), while whipped until slightly wilted vegetables
Loose egg slices, shredded chicken, sliced ​​celery and onion, add fried onions
You can present the noodles Koclok limo along with orange slices and chili sauce and soy sauce Bango
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