Leftover Corned Beef Low-Carb Reuben Bake (Gluten-Free)

If you don't have leftover corned beef, get some at the deli to make this Leftover Corned Beef Low-Carb Reuben Bake!

Are you making corned beef for St. Patrick's Day?  I used to make Slow Cooker Corned Beef nearly every year, but after experimenting with Pressure Cooker Corned Beef with Creamy Horseradish Sauce, I'm going to use the pressure cooker to cook my corned beef this year.  And I'm so excited that I'll have family houseguests on St. Patrick's Day and a bunch of my local family members are coming over for a dinner that night in memory of our dad, who loved corned beef and other Irish American foods.

I really hope you'll cook some corned beef so you can make this amazing Leftover Corned Beef Low-Carb Reuben Bake.  But if you don't make corned beef (or don't have any leftovers!) you can buy deli corned beef to make this low-carb casserole that has mashed cauliflower, cabbage, corned beef, swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing.  If you're a fan of the Reuben Sandwich, you'll recognize some of those ingredients and realize how this casserole got its name.

I've seen a few casseroles with Reuben Sandwich roots through the years, but none of them inspired me until I saw this Reuben Bake on My Recipes.  (Don't remember where I spotted it, but probably on Pinterest!)  I realized I could easily switch out the potatoes for cheesy cauliflower and make this into a low carb dish, and when Kara and I tested the recipe with deli corned beef, we gobbled it up.  But I wasn't thrilled with the photos from that first attempt, and I thought of some minor improvements to the recipe, so I tried making it again.  And I hope it doesn't sound like I'm lacking in modesty if I say this recipe I ended up with is a complete winner!

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