Katachi Amti

In Maharashtra  any festive meal with puran poli is incomplete without "Katachi Amti". This is a kind of dal which is prepared from split bengal gram which is used for making the Puran poli. We usually use the drained water that is collected after boiling the bengal gram and mix little amount of left over puran to it and use it for making amti which is nothing but a dal in marathi. It has got all the tastes, the sweetness of puran, tamarind tangy taste and chilli powder spicy taste.

Left over puran
¼ cup
1 glass cup
1 table spoon
Mustard seeds
1 tea spoon

To Blend:
Cumin seeds
1 tea spoon
Dry coconut
1 table spoon chopped
1-2 small pieces
Handful of
Garlic flakes
½ inch piece
Curry leaves

1. Grind the items together in to blend section keep a side.
2. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan when heated add the mustard seeds, curry leaves when it splutters add the ground mixture. Saute for few seconds until coconut gets fried well and turns golden brown.
3. Add red chilli powder, salt then add the left over puran along with some water in it. Mix well and cook this for around 5-6 mins. Spread chopped coriander over this.
4. This amti tastes awesome with plain rice.