Sweet Corn stuffed Paratha

Sweet corn is repository of nutrients and carbohydrates, which can be consumed in the form of soup, salads, side dish and a good option as a diet food. Usually sweet corn paratha is done by crushing the corn and directly adding it to the wheat flour along with the spices. I prepared a sabzi of sweet corn and used it as stuffing in the flour since stuffed parathas are more tastier. But I had to squeeze the water content from the corn so that it would be easier for rolling, that might decrease the nutritional value of the corn.


Sweet corn
1 cup
Green chilli
2-3 finely chopped
To taste
Cumin powder
1 tea spoon
Turmeric powder
½ tea spoon
 1  table spoon
Few chopped
Ginger paste
½ tea spoon


Wheat flour
1 ½ cups
Pinch of
2 tea spoon
As required
1. Add little salt, 2 tea spoons of oil to the flour and mix it. Knead this to smooth dough by adding little water at a time, apply little oil over the dough and keep it for rest for around 15-20 mins.
2. crush the sweet corn in grinder to coarse paste.
3. Heat oil in a pan, when heated add chopped green chilli, cumin powder, ginger paste sauté for few seconds.
4. Add the ground corn paste, turmeric powder, chopped coriander and finally salt. Mix well, cook this for 3-4 mins. Allow this mixture to cool down.
5. Make small balls of dough, dust little flour and roll out the dough into small circle. Keep a spoon of stuffing at the center. Make another equal sized circle from the dough and place it over the dough with stuffing and seal the outer circles so that the dough should not come out.
6. Dust little flour and roll out the dough with stuffing into circles. Do not apply too much pressure the stuffing might come out.
7. Heat the tawa and place rolled paratha over it and heat on moderate flame, apply oil over both sides. Heat it until it becomes golden brown color.
8. Serve this with curd/pickle.

  • The corn should be ground to coarse paste, otherwise it cannot be used as stuffing for paratha.
  • you can also add red chilli powder to corn stuffing, this will also improve the taste.
  • you can also use a single dough ball for stuffing and then seal it and spread it to paratha.
  • you can also use coriander powder as a substitute for chopped coriander.